Food Oil Drainer Silicone Pot Pan Bowl Funnel Strainer

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1.Lightweight, convenient, and easy to drain.
2.For the pressure cooker liner, the size is right, it can be tightly stuck, and it is not easy to fall.
3.Just snap it on, tilt and remove excess liquid while food stays in the pot.
4.No need for extra colanders, large strainers, etc.
5.Durable silicone material that will not tear, rip, burn or melt over time, withstanding high temperatures of up to 450 degrees.
6.Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, or simply rinse with warm water and soap to re-use.

Product material: silicone
Product size: 245*145mm
Product packaging: PE bag
Remarks: The products sold do not contain silicone anti-scalding hand clips

Package included: